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Welcome to my flower world!


Welcome to my flower world!

I use the word, "world" deliberately: at one of my shows a customer walked through my booth, smiled and said, "lady I would love to live in your world".  I replied, "So would I, that's why I create it." I am very blessed to work in an art field so uniquely happy. My medium is flowers, I grow them, harvest them, press them, and paint on some of the faded blooms. I live in Northern Alberta and grow flowers in a short season. Luckily this far north the sun doesn't go down in the summer until eleven at night so flowers grow fast. Our winters are long but very conducive to creativity- my best garden pictures are created when the snow is high outside and I am longing for summer. My pictures are all about fantasy:  my flower ladies are elegant, my gardens behave, and my children stay young. These pictures are meant to make you smile. I know my flower designs are real life improbable; but then how probable is it to be a flower artist working in northern Alberta.  

The card designs represent my best selling originals and are customer driven.

Our 'Originals' page has been temporarily suspended.

Please check back with us at the end of May.

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